About us

BornBlack at First Sight.

BornBlack has its Roots in Africa but has no limit in terms of expanding globally. BornBlack came about to give a very specific taste of fashion as One true streetwear and clothing brand for Africa. Africa is well known for its varied and beautiful African fabrics which come in different textures and prints according to the specific culture. BornBlack aims to be a multifaceted organization with the aim of creating jobs in Africa and providing the best streetwear and fashion services to the young population of Africa and beyond.

BornBlack strength.

We dress you with confidence to make you look confident. Our clothing and accessory line is based on our central philosophy that the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes and that we should work towards a future when human rights are guaranteed to all without regards to race.


One to be mentioned


Africans and international customers will not settle for average, and neither do we. You already know what looks good, and our fashion line will inspire you to bring it to the next level.